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二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a

www.yabo2020.com亚搏体育app网站,  If you would like to tell your own story for this project,or if you
would like to host a”Why I’m a Folklorist”filming event,please contact
Kay Turner or the American Folklore

  ”Why I’m a Folklorist”is a film project initiated by AFS President
Kay Turner.In a spontaneous moment at an AFS board meeting dinner in
2016,Kay took out her iPhone and began asking those seated nearby”Why
are you a folklorist?You’ve got two minutes to tell me.”More formal
filming events followed,resulting in more than sixty short interviews
being filmed for the project.

二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a。二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a。  Why I’m a

二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a。二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a。二零一七年年会上拍照的Why I’m a。  截至2017年11月,这些采访中有34个已经公开,其他的也将在不久后发布。目前公开的视频包括2016年秋季和2017年春季在北卡罗来纳州教堂山、印第安纳州布卢明顿举办的民俗学活动中录制的采访。AFS
2017年年会上拍摄的Why I’m a
I’m a Folklorist采访,请访问美国民俗学会Youtube频道中的Why I’m a

  如果你想为这个项目讲述自己的故事,或想主持一个Why I’m a

  来自我们学科的同行研究生,新入职教师,终身教授,公共民俗学者,兼职人员及其他活跃人士都参与了这个项目。凯说:他们的口才、情感和各种各样的主张都是杰出的。所有采访都在几分钟之内,但观众还是能从这短短这几分钟中真正了解到人们为什么加入我们的行列。这个项目在某种程度上也实现了学会及其理事会的目标将民俗学带向更广阔的世界。 1

  Colleagues from across our discipline–grad students,newly minted and
long-tenured professors,public folklorists,adjuncts and activists–have
participated.Kay says,”The eloquence,emotion,and sheer variety of claims
made is outstanding.None of the interviews lasts more than a few
minutes,but in those brief moments with folklorists,the viewer gains a
real sense of why people join our field.In part,this project fulfills
the Society’s request and the Board’s goal to bring folklore to a wider

  As of November 2017,thirty-four of these interviews are available to
the public,and more are scheduled to be released soon.The videos
currently available include interviews that were shot during fall 2016
and spring 2017 at folklore events in Chapel Hill,NC and
Bloomington,IN.The”Why I’m a Folklorist”interviews recorded at the 2017
AFS Annual Meeting in Minneapolis,as well as more of the interviews that
were filmed in Bloomington in the spring of 2017,are currently in
post-production.To view all of the”Why I’m a Folklorist”interviews
published so far,please visit the”Why I’m a Folklorist”playlist on the
American Folklore Society Youtube channel.


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